The 5 Varieties of Consume


Consommé is a clarified and flavourful broth that has been carefully clarified to remove impurities, resulting in a clear and richly flavoured liquid. While there are various variations of consommé, here are five well-known varieties:


1. Classic Beef Consommé: Classic beef consommé is made from a rich beef stock that has been clarified using a process called clarification. The stock is combined with a mixture of ground beef, vegetables, and egg whites, then simmered and carefully strained to remove any solid particles, resulting in a clear and concentrated beef flavour.


2. Chicken Consommé: Chicken consommé is prepared similarly to beef consommé, but using chicken stock or a combination of chicken and veal. It follows the same clarification process, using a mixture of ground chicken, vegetables, and egg whites to clarify the stock and achieve a clear, golden broth with a delicate chicken flavour.


3. Mushroom Consommé: Mushroom consommé is a vegetarian or vegan alternative to meat-based consommés. It is made by simmering mushrooms, along with vegetables and herbs, to extract their flavours. The resulting liquid is clarified using a process similar to that of meat-based consommés, resulting in a clear mushroom-flavoured broth.


4. Tomato Consommé: Tomato consommé is prepared by simmering ripe tomatoes with herbs and seasonings to create a flavourful tomato-based broth. The mixture is clarified using a combination of egg whites and ground meat, which traps impurities and produces a clear, vibrant tomato consommé.


5. Fish Consommé: Fish consommé is made from fish stock, typically prepared using fish bones and aromatic vegetables. It is clarified using the same process as other consommés, incorporating a mixture of ground fish, vegetables, and egg whites. The result is a clear and fragrant broth with a delicate fish flavour.


These varieties of consommé highlight the versatility and distinct flavours that can be achieved through the clarification process, resulting in beautifully clear and flavourful broths.












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